Riley Parra – Introduction

Riley ParraThere comes a point where people stop caring. A point where a happy ending seems impossible, when it’s easier to just hunker down and ride out the storm. The citizens of a neighborhood called No Man’s Land have reached that point, and the local police are helpless to stem the tide of violence and crime.

But Detective Riley Parra refuses to give up on No Man’s Land, or her town. She will fight to clean up the town if it takes her last breath. Her dedication is tested by the discovery of a body in a storm drain, and a case that leads her into the unseen battle raging all around her: angels and demons, supernatural warfare that is contributing to the downfall of her city.

Riley takes up arms against the demons who, until now, have coexisted with the mortals and becomes the city’s sole champion. The demons are out there, and Riley Parra plans to give them hell.

Riley Parra’s story is told in a form mimicking a TV series, one season per year, each season made up of at least ten “episodes”.

Season one is available as a free download from this site.

Seasons One, Two and Three are also available in e-book format from Smashwords and in both e-book and print formats from Amazon.

Season Four will be available here in 2012.


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