Season One

In season one, Riley takes up arms against the demons who, until now, have coexisted with the mortals and becomes the city’s sole champion. The demons are out there, and Riley Parra plans to give them hell.

Better AngelsSeason One, episode 1: Better Angels






No Use CryingSeason one, episode 2: No Use Crying






Mini-sode: Open and Shut 1: Shades of Grey


Losing My ReligionSeason one, episode 3: Losing My Religion






Mini-sode: Open and Shut 2: All Mortal Flesh


Angels Would Fall Season one, episode 4: Angels Would Fall






Mini-sode: Open and Shut 3: Beautiful Night


The MartyrSeason one, episode 5: The Martyr






Mini-sode: Open and Shut 4: Heaven Is Overrated


My Empire of DirtSeason one, episode 6: My Empire of Dirt






The Life of RileySeason one, episode 7: The Life of Riley






~ end of season one ~

Cover art © 2009 eirian


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