Season Three

Riley and company struggle to put things back to normal after the Angel Maker case is finally closed. There’s little time for healing, however, as Zerachiel’s replacement angel arrives on the scene. Her first order of business: eliminating the shell of Caitlin Priest by any means necessary.

3.01 Mere MortalsSeason three, episode 1: Mere Mortals






3.02 A Very Sorry SaintSeason three, episode 2: A Very Sorry Saint






3.03 Occam's RazorSeason three, episode 3: Occam’s Razor






3.04: Friars and EremitesSeason three, episode 4: Friars and Eremites






3.05: The Kings of No Man’s LandSeason three, episode 5: The Kings of No Man’s Land






3.06: AnthemusaSeason three, episode 6: Anthemusa






3.07: The Old Familiar StingSeason three, episode 7: The Old Familiar Sting






3.08 Permanent ScarsSeason three, episode 8: Permanent Scars






3.09: This Mortal CoilSeason three, episode 9: This Mortal Coil






3.10: This Hell Bound TownSeason three, episode 10: This Hell Bound Town






3.11: Peculiar GracesSeason three, episode 11: Peculiar Graces






3.12: Reign In HellSeason three, episode 12: Reign In Hell






3.13: False IdyllSeason three, episode 13: False Idyll







Season three stories are no longer available for purchase through this site. You can purchase the Riley Parra season three at Smashwords in e-book format or at Amazon in print or for Kindle.

If you purchased season three downloads, you can still access the stories until the end of 2012.

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